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Pet Partners Therapy Teams!

Thousands of therapy animals teams volunteer all over the world, like Lynn and Natchez, Philippa and Pippa and Georgie and Stevie!  Our goal is to use this book in schools, libraries and therapy organizations, to help educate children and adults alike to what it means to be a therapy animal team! 

Schools, libraries, hospitals and more...

Jody and Henry are often found at the local library, or a nearby school as part of the reading program. But, there are so many more places therapy teams go!  Read our book and find out for yourself!

Strong Bonds!

Therapy teams like Julie and Onix are busy volunteering everyday!  Making a big difference in so many lives!  Being part

of such a wonderful organization takes a lot of training and hard work, but I think we all agree, the return on all that work is seeing the smiles and joy it brings to so many.